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Founded in 2017, Good Karma is an organization focused on the empowerment of young ladies ages 12-19. Our main goal is to teach and enhance basic skill sets, which will ensure that our students go on to live happy, successful lives in whatever profession they choose. The organization is comprised of mentors (lovingly referred to as Gurus) from different professional backgrounds to guarantee we are aligning our students with women who share their interests.


" If there is a book you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, you must be the one to write it" - Toni Morrison

Our Mission

To build a community of young, adult women who will provide young ladies from marginalized communities with a knowledge of professionalism and expose them to professional experiences that will give them a head-start on achieving their career goals.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To create an environment for young ladies who may otherwise not have the resources for early preparation into the business world. Equipping young ladies with more than just basic knowledge on the careers they are interested in will create the confidence they should have going into the professional world.

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